It is important for all therapists to join their own particular professional association as each association helps to set and maintain the standards that members should achieve in their chosen profession. They also provide continuing education, advice and support, as well as informing the general public about the therapies offered and also lists of accredited practitioners.

Practically there is much help with legislation, insurance, recruitment and often the provision of a newsletter or magazine that provides all the up to the minute news and information required by the practising therapist. The association often organises meetings, forums, educational seminars and professional exhibitions that provide a wonderful networking opportunity for all therapists, allowing them to meet and communicate with other like minded professionals.

Most associations have different levels of membership such as 'student' for those in education, 'associate' for those involved in the profession who may not actually be practising their skill or working towards a specific qualification, and 'professional' membership for those with the required qualifications.


professional associations