Consumer Law

Consumer law is a legal area that focuses on providing protection to the consumer when they buy a product or service. This part of the legal system is designed to make sure that consumers buying a product or service are protected against issues such as fraud and miss selling.

Consumers have a range of legal rights that give them degrees of protection when they are shopping for all kinds of goods. If you are shopping you can generally expect that:

• Your purchases will be of a good quality and will do what they are supposed to do in a satisfactory manner.
• Items bought will match the description that a shop provides about them whether the description is verbal or given in writing.
• The goods you bought will be safe.
• You will not be given short weight or length when buying something by weight or length.
• When you receive goods that are being delivered they arrive in the right condition matching the goods that you ordered.
• Deliveries will be made on the right day and on time.
• Any contracts of sale that you are provided with are written clearly and fairly.
• Anything bought by phone, post or online will give you the chance to return goods without needing a reason within seven days of receiving your delivery.

If you do have cause for complaint and wish to return an item for a refund or exchange it is important not to delay.