Amanda Gaffey

Makeup Artist and Beauty Therapist

 Amanda Gaffey is a professional freelance Make-up Artist based in the North West. Her works is predominantly in TV commercials, but her expertise includes; dramas, pop promos and news
bulletins. Her work also extends into fashion and advertising photography, theatre, shows and wedding day make up. She has worked in the Beauty industry for over 20 years.

After completing a 3 year training course in 1988 she went on to work for Ragdale Hall as a beauty
therapist and rose to the position of department supervisor in 1991. She then moved to London to work in the West End - to assist with the launch of ‘Le Maquillage' - the premiere make up range of Clarins U.K. She later, returned to the North West to manage 4 beauty Salons in Cheadle,
Prestwich, Sale, & Bolton and freelance for 2 cosmetic houses Elizabeth Arden and Estée Lauder, acting as a co-ordinator putting teams of make up artists together for fashion shows and make up events.
Amanda began to teach massage, beauty therapy & make up in 1994 and has lectured at several colleges & schools, within the Manchester area to date. She continues to mix her teaching with freelance make up artistry and thoroughly enjoys the buzz of them both! In her own words Amanda says ‘I feel blessed to have such a rewarding and interesting career. No 2 days or jobs are ever the same - one day I'm ageing an actor, the next I'm trying make another 10 years younger!
Working in television is unpredictable - you can be shooting on a red hot beach or on the top of a windy moor, every job brings new experiences; the opportunity to meet interesting and well known people, or a new make up problem to solve and sometimes it can be hard work doing nothing! There's a lot of hanging around and waiting for the set to be lit and ready for the actors, so staying focused and motivated and looking after the actors (we are usually the last crew members they spend time with before they need to go on set) becomes number 1 priority. In many ways, it's very similar to being a beauty therapist - patience, empathy and discretion are necessary qualities required
by a make up artist. There's an old saying, "What an actor says in the trailer - stays in the trailer!"- which is, of course referring to the make up trailer on a location shoot! - this is my golden rule!

Teaching gives you a strong sense of achievement - it's like watching a flower grow from a seed. I see some of my ex-students work in print and on T.V. and I feel privileged to have had a part to play in their ‘learning journey'. Of course they never stop learning, neither do I - I learn a great deal by observing the students development throughout the course. Make up is a very creative skill, I love to see the students' stare in wonder when I reveal a new technique or demonstrate a realistic re-creation of something they may have seen on the television. I think for a make up tutor, maintaining a link with industry and keeping up to date with new ideas is essential. And as a make up artist - I continue to be
inspired by my students, who don't really understand the limitations of production and the costs involved so are able to dedicate so much time and energy to learning their craft.