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Origins Skin Care Great Customer Service

 For any business great customer service is a must, without it clients will not return with repeat business! I am always keen to share anecdotes of poor service with my students, hopefully to prevent them from making the same mistakes. I feel it only fair to redress the balance and share the great experience I had today from two young therapists working for 'Origins' Skin Care at John Lewis in the Trafford Centre.

Thankyou Chantal and Emma for a thoroughly professional and enjoyable experience. Whilst normally reluctant to partake of free treatments proferred in stores to try and persuade you to buy, today was an exception that I thoroughly enjoyed. I was gently ushered to a chair and offered a chilled glass of prosecco whilst having my hands cleansed, scrubbed and moisturised with ginger scented products. My daughter who has really bad eczema was treated to a mini facial using Mega-Mushroom calming and soothing, cleanser, serum amd moisturiser. A pleasant experience with both girls answering all questions knowledgeably and with confidence. Although there was no hard sell I did leave with a purchase and several complimentary samples to try at my leisure. Both girls were eager to explain the Origins philosophy and invite anyone interested to visit them and receive a complimentary mini facial, a thorough consultation and a return visit every six weeks so your skin condition can be monitored and changed if required. I learned a great deal about products I have never tried in forty years in the beauty business because of a persuasive young therapist offering first class service!

Well done Emma and Chantal for excellent customer service and John Lewis and Origins for employing and training two such professional therapists.

17 July 2015
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