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Marketing your business

Marketing is an important business function that therapists often ignore, preferring instead to concentrate on providing the treatments that they are familiar with and hoping that everything else will just fall into place.

Marketing strategies are processes that allow a business to concentrate its resources on the best opportunities for them to increase sales and achieve an advantage over their competitors. If you intend to market your business without the help of an expert then consider the following strategies:

Relationship marketing is a strategy that is perfect for a beauty salon or spa as this type of business is so highly customer focused. This strategy concentrates more on retaining and keeping your existing clients rather than acquiring new clients. It uses the knowledge you have about your clients to help you to ensure that they remain loyal to you and to develop a long term relationship that will increase their visits and spending with you.

Viral marketing refers to a marketing strategy that allows you to spread information very quickly to large numbers of people something that has become popular with the increased use by many of social networking, twitter, mobile phones and e mails.

Partnership marketing is when two complementary businesses promote their services on behalf of each other, providing you with the opportunity to target a new market. Complementary businesses may include; hairdressing salons, bridal boutiques, health and fitness clubs or photographers.

Guerrilla Marketing describes an advertising strategy that uses unconventional methods to promote your business. It is useful when you actually have more time, energy and imagination than a healthy budget to call upon. The term relates to the methods used; that is to target potential clients in unexpected locations and being as interactive as you can be in approach. The intention of guerrilla marketing is to make maximum impact from a planned activity for minimum financial outlay. The more visual the activity is the more response you are likely to get.

Direct marketing is used to achieve an immediate response from a client such as; booking an appointment, buying a product, a visit to your website, or a request for further information. This may be achieved by using different communication methods such as; post, telemarketing, e mail, newspaper and magazine inserts and social networking,


28 June 2013
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