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Grey hair

 After reading yet another article exclaiming with horror, that Kate the Duchess of Cambridge has grey hair showing at the temples!! I really feel the need to come to the defence of the millions of women old and young who spend hours in the hairdressers and thousands of pounds covering up their naturally grey hair to avoid the criticism they receive from others.

Some of the journalists who write so disparagingly about women with grey hair are just as likely to endorse the handsome good looks of the greying George Clooney describing him as distinguished, attractive, striking or even gorgeous.

I wondered if the many suppliers of hair colour of the UK are in league with the fashion and beauty press to boost the economy by creating a need for women to cover the dreaded grey thus ensuring the constant production and consumption of hair dye!

I personally feel very lucky that when I started finding grey hair in my late twenties, an hereditary feature in my family, I worked with some amazing hairdressers who convinced me not to cover it up but to make a feature of it. Thank you Terry!

22 March 2012
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