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Essential oils to aid sleep

Essential oils have different effects on the body and mind and can be used for their therapeutic effects. They provide a natural remedy to aid restful sleep and may be used in different ways. I personally love having a massge with essential oils but this is not always an option late at night when you are having problems sleeping. The easiest way to use them at night would be in a vapouriser twenty minutes before going to bed, blended with a carrier oil and massaged into your skin after a shower, sprinkled onto  your pillow, or put into a warm bath.

Some easy to find and therapeutic oils are:

Lavender to relax, soothe and remove tension

Clary sage an ideal oil for menopausal ladies suffering sleep disturbances

Sweet marjoram for insomnia and hot flushes

Mandarin for anxiety, stress and irritability

There are many products available to buy that are pre blended by experts in combinations that will benefit many sleep related conditions. Alternatively go to your local salon or spa and ask them for advice about the best oils to use.

20 August 2013
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