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Essential oil for Memory

 I was pleased to see the return of Michael Moseley's 'Trust me I'm a Doctor' on BBC. This programme covers lots of subjects relating to health and wellbeing in an interesting but also informative way. I was pleased to see on the latest edition, the test they carried out on the use of rosemary essential oil to aid memory. It is a really good oil to use when studying for exams, learning something important, practising a speech you have to give or just to help as we age and memory becomes less effective, a simple tip that will help lots of people! It is an uplifting and stimulating essential oil and helps to keep the mind alert and aids concentration.

It also has lots of other uses including; improving the health of hair making it grow longer and stronger, nourishing the scalp thus improving a dandruff problem, it has antiseptic qualities and helps an oily or acne skin type. It also helps to boost the immune system and has anti inflammatory properties. I think the best method of using essential oils is to have an aromatherapy massage but there are lots of other ways to benefit from this versatile herb.

16 July 2015
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