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Diamonds are a girl's best friend

The Beauty of Diamonds

As we all know diamonds are a girl's best friend. However not only can you adorn your body with them in the form of rings bracelets and necklaces, but they are now contained in facial and body treatments, skin care products, makeup and false eyelashes and used to provide mechanical exfoliation to renew and refresh the skin!

For a mere £845 you can get a pair of diamond studded lashes custom made from Barney’s in New York.

The Face

For £90 plus you can try the La Prairie face wash that contains refined natural diamonds, fresh water pearls and crystal quartz, this product claims to diminish fine lines and wrinkles as well as restoring the skin’s youthful glow.

A facial scrub developed by The Harley Street Skin Clinic is packed with finely ground diamonds, pearl extract and hydrolysed silk ingredients to clear the skin and remove dead cells. It also claims to help improve the appearance of acne and other skin conditions with added antioxidants in the form of vitamin E and papaya extract for the ultimate revitalised and healthy skin. A relaxing facial from Carita also uses diamond particles to refine and polish the skin and La Mer have a diamond dust exfoliator for face and body.

Diamond chips are incorporated into a micro-dermabrasion treatment called DiamondTome™ to provide a non invasive pain free skin resurfacing treatment. I have personal experience with this equipment and it does produce really good results.

The Nails

Sally Hansen nail products have a nail strengthener made from a titanium and micro-diamond formula to provide a protective shield, lock in moisture and bond the layers of the nail together.
Foot Files are available made from nickel-coated flexible fibreglass files, electroplated with industrial grade diamond chips, so they rarely, if ever wear out!

Luxury jewellery couturier Azature redefines luxury by creating the most expensive nail polish in the world. The exclusive Azature Black Diamond nail polish contains 267 carats of black diamonds, while the unique bottle features a hand-made platinum sterling cap finished off with 60 hand-set black diamonds. Available exclusively at Selfridges London and

Swarovski Crystal Nails

These individual crystals are applied to finger and toe nails for a sparking finish! They are proving very popular for weddings and other special occasions. You can have a complete set applied or just one finger and they maintain their high shine for weeks.

I am sure there are many more uses of diamonds and I have seen some great pictures of diamonds applied to the lips, difficult to eat or drink but it certainly makes an impact!

07 May 2013
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