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Daily Deals for Beauty Treatments

There has recently been a huge rise in the ‘Daily Deal’ vouchers on the internet and we are constantly bombarded with great offers that allow us to enjoy beauty and spa treatments at a fraction of their normal price. I can’t decide whether daily deals are good or bad for our industry. I have bought several of these daily deals in the past and I have always received courteous and pleasant treatment even if it was in my opinion not up to scratch professionally. In some cases it has encouraged me to rebook treatments at full cost, which I assume was the intention of offering these deals in the first place.

Many of the salon owners have told me that they would not repeat the offer as it was not worth it financially because; they were inundated with more clients than had been agreed, they only received a fraction of the price paid which was already heavily discounted and the staff providing the treatments were not happy as they did not receive the commission they normally would on a full cost treatment and not many of the offer clients rebooked further treatments or became regular clients.
Some salon owners have told me that they prefer to be busy offering cut price treatments rather than being very quiet and unproductive.

I would love to hear from salon owners, therapists or clients who have used the daily deal services for their opinions and thoughts particularly if their experiences have been good.

30 July 2013
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