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BB Cream

BB Creams seem to be everywhere at the moment, adverts are popping up in magazines and on the TV and I was recently recommended to use one by a makeup artist friend as a light skin cover for summer weather. So I thought I would do a little bit of research and share with you what I found.

The letters BB according to different sources stand for, ‘blemish balm’, ‘beauty balm’ or ‘banish blemish’. This type of cosmetic originated in the 1950’s as a healing and soothing balm for use after peels but also used to disguise redness.

BB creams have several uses they work as a primer, a moisturiser, a sun block and foundation all in one! They are light in weight and basically a moisturising primer with the addition of a concealer or foundation base. They benefit from the addition of light reflecting particles that help to even out skin tone and provide a radiant glow to the skin.

This is a good idea for use in the summer when you don't want to wear foundation, but you want to even out your skin tone.

24 June 2012
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