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Baby Reflexology

At the moment I seem to be surrounded by young Mums with new babies and the two question they all ask each other are 'How well does your baby sleep?' 'What can I do for my teething baby?'

I really believe in the power of reflexology and it is something that all Mums can practise and maybe already do without realising it. There are different zones on the feet that relate to different parts of the body and when gently massaged may help with problems related to those areas.

 The zones are:

The backs of the toes relate to the head and teeth area.

The padded part of the toes relates to the sinuses

The rest of the foot is divided into four equal zones

Zone 1 beneath the toes relates to the chest area and between the third and fourth toes about a quarter of the way down is the solar plexus

Zone 2 relates to the upper abdominal area

Zone 3 relates to the lower abdominal area

Zone 4 at the heel area relates to the pelvic area

Only very gentle pressure should be applied! Check out my Facebook page for a chart.

13 June 2015
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