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Antidote to dark circles under the eyes

Can you ever get rid of dark circles under the eyes?

One of the most common questions I am asked is ‘How do I get rid of the dark circles under my eyes?’

My answer is usually ‘You can’t but you can improve the condition by getting plenty of sleep, eating a well balanced diet and taking regular exercise.’ They can however be disguised with light reflecting primers, BB or CC creams and camouflage products. There are many creams to choose from that are readily available in all the high street shops and salons, the cosmetic companies who make them profess that they will cure this condition if you use their miracle cream on a daily basis!

Alternatively there is the high tech. route which uses laser skin rejuvenation an option that is expensive but if it improves the condition is probably worth it.

The claims made for many of the creams available are that they; repair, hydrate and protect the skin as well as minimising wrinkles and reducing puffiness.

The latest wonder cream from Shiseido recommended by a professional makeup artist friend of mine contains an enzyme that claims to reduce pigmentation and hawthorn extract to stimulate blood flow, providing long term benefits rather than short term improvement. It is however very expensive at over £50 a pot!

14 June 2013
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